Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WIP Wednesday 151:The Drama Llama

Robin Wood Tarot

Wow, it has been one of those weeks: Belo was in hospital for an angiogram, and they kept him overnight; then the next day they told him he could walk home and didn't bother telling any of his family that he'd been discharged. Auntie Fashion goes into hospital today for a Campath treatment for her Behcets. DH has promised me on pain of being gutted slowly with a teaspoon that he is heading for an A&E when he finishes work today - Moonheart bit his arm at the weekend, and now it is hugely infected and goopy. Plus he needs a tetanus shot.

And today there has also been a visit to the dentist.

Not, not a snowball's chance in hell was it me.

Mini Diva had a cracked tooth which then broke. Today at her emergency appointment, the dentist injected anaesthetic and whipped the remainder of it out in like 3 seconds. She is a lovely - and good - dentist. Mini Diva was a little sweaty afterwards, but didn't make even the tiniest of squeaks during the whole experience. If I hadn't given birth to her, I'd be seriously doubting she was mine.

Unless there was one of those terrible mistakes you read about, where babies are accidentally switched ? What do you think ?

In spite of all the drama, I have managed a little progress on the Vintage Lee Target Baby Cardigan:

I am thinking that maybe the thin little lines of twisted stitches that create the simple pattern is actually too simple and plain. I decided that a project requiring a cable needle was not one I wanted to work on in hospital, which also ruled out the stripey cabled baby sweater, and the crocheted baby blankey is complete. So, what to do ? 

The first few items in my queue are not small, and probably aren't straightforward. I don't have the yarn yet for the kids' school sweaters, which are the next thing on my timeline to do. 

Yes, I guess I could have taken a book, but I find it impossible to read and chat at the same time; not so with knitting and chat. I recalled I recently found this pattern in one of the charity shops:

Patons Kismet is discontinued (of course) but I had recently added another ball of Wendy Happy in 'Prussian' to my stash. For some reason, it seemed a good and practical idea to substitute this 4ply nylon/bamboo blend yarn for the Kismet yarn, which was a mohair/acrylic blend DK.

No, I have no idea what my train of thought was. Or even if there was one at all, if the truth be known.

The gauge given in the pattern is 24 stitches and 30 rows to 4 inches/10cm, stocking stitch on 3.75mm needles. Of course, the pattern doesn't actually use stocking stitch. Many rational and normal people might have knitted a swatch at this point; but I have have never claimed to be rational, and certainly any claim to normality would be a big fat old lie. Plus, where would be the adventure if I knew beforehand how it would work out ?

While I continue down this literally uncharted path of adrenaline-filled excitement, why not pop over to Tami's Amis to see the progress of others ?


  1. Living on the edge can't scare you, not after your week! Good luck with the projects and plans.

  2. What *is* in the water over there? :)


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