Friday, 19 July 2013

FO Friday 147: Stripes and Holes

Tarot of Durer

And here we are at the end of another week, one full of Sports Days, flute concerts, and other high jinks - but today's is the bestest: as it is the final Friday of term (2 days left to go, Monday and Tuesday next week. No, I have NO clue why) , I am meeting Belo for lunch, and later we are going to the park with wine after school. Me and the other mums, that is; our kids shall run riot and terrorize the squirrels as we melt gently while swigging from an alcoholic bottle through a straw.

So, since shedding my conscience and responsibilities is kind of a very slow work in progress, I can't stay for long as I feel I must at least leave the house with a clean floor, just in case of burglars, aka, Clean Knicker Syndrome.*

I'll just quickly show you the completed striped and cabled baby sweater, Patons Fairytale DK 8356, made using King Cole Comfort Baby DK:

And the back view, to show you what the edge near the cable should have looked like on the front too:

There is, as you know, a plus side to everything: and this one is that it shows that I am no longer an anally retentive control freak, since I have allowed the 'design feature' to remain. Personal growth is such a bummer.

And the other finished object for the day ? These:

No, oddly enough, this is not proof of Bigfoot's existence (she has Shrek aka DH's genes, she is 10 and has bigger feet than me) - these are Mini Diva's school shoes, the second pair this term - which means that they are less than 6 weeks old.           

And there are 3 days left of summer term, so she may yet end up going to school in her slippers because I am NOT buying another pair of school shoes until September, when I expect she will have gone up another size or two.

some holes with a bit of shoe

It's not even like she walks - she cycles everywhere now as she's passed her proficiency test; so I really have no idea how she has managed to wreck these shoes so thoroughly.

Go see pretty things over at Tami's Amis .....

* Clean Knicker Syndrome: you must wear clean proper knickers every day just in case you get knocked down by a bus or a baby buggy and have to be taken in an ambulance to hospital. Because hospital people have never seen dirty or old underwear. 'Proper' means something white and cotton, and definitely not a thong or lacy, but something giving the impression that you are respectable by literally covering your butt.


  1. I work on the burglar trap principle. Anyone foolish enough to break in, first has to negotiate a series of obstacles, which guarantee we will hear them long before they discover that there's nothing worth nicking (unless they are an avid reader or collect old sewing machines)

  2. I did know someone who, when being rushed through a hospital on a trolley, was in a total panic because he remembered that he'd put on a pair of socks with holes in the toes. I reassured him that the staff had not breathed a word. Although they did mercilessly rip the piss out of him when I told them all. I reakts inappropriately in hospitals :-D

  3. The little sweater looks great! I like that white column on the front!

    My mother was a firm believer in white underwear. I, on the other hand, prefer colour since more of my wash loads are darker colours and the whites usually sit in the hamper awhile waiting for more of the same. My Mom was always horrified, and was known to start conversations with my siblings by asking "Do you KNOW what colour underwear your sister is wearing today?!" LOL.

  4. Hmm, does DH actually like her school shoes? I once hated a pair with such a vengeance that when my mother finally declared that they could be chucked, I cut them up with scissors. It might explain how she's managed to do them such a violence...

    The baby sweater is gorgeous, even with the "design" element. And after all, the recipient won't be wearing it all that long, and will almost certainly extrude bodily fluids all over it in short notice :D

  5. Love the sweater. No one will notice the difference, just how adorable baby will be in it. I have had shoes for years that never got holes in them. Of course, not wearing them every day might have something to do with it.


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