Friday 7 December 2012

FO Friday 116: I'll Sing You Five-Oh

Tarot of 78 Doors

    ... and Green Grow the Rushes Oh !

Yes, it's random but now you have the earworm too. No need to thank me so effusively.

I actually have 7 Finished Objects, but photos of only 5: Mini Diva and I chickened out of a modelling session this morning, as for some reason we found the notion of posing around under dark skies while heavy sleet was falling somewhat unappealing. Still, that means I'll definitely have something to post next Friday ! (cue apocalyptic downpours from now until then - that's what you get for calling Providence out).

 But I had managed to take some photos of some of the projects while it was dry earlier in the week:


The Serene Hat, made from Cygnet DK in the 'light mauve' colorway, which was chosen by Mini Diva for her BFF's Xmas gift; it has good yardage, at 325yds/297m per 100g, so there was plenty left over for these fabulous Victoria Fingerless Mittens:

The hat looks nothing like the pattern, but it looks pretty anyway, and we liked it, so it stayed; and the mittens ...I made an error with the picot cast on, doing it every 3 stitches not every 5, so the cuffs are frillier than they should be - but again, we like it so it stayed. The ribbing gives a nice, snug fit around the wrist that will prevent any draughty breezes going sleeves-ward. 

I have yet to discover a way of making this bright red look halfway decent in a photo, so you'll have to live with this one of Sirdar 2326 made from Stylecraft Special DK in 'Matador'; and here are the lovely buttons I found to make it a proper Xmas knit:

You'll need to soothe your eyes after that, so here are the Pretty Sisters of the Misbegotten Glove:

And since James C.Brett 'Moonlight Sonata' is the magically unending ball of yarn, there was plenty left over to make the Pudorosa Neckwarmer - something a little different than a scarf, I'm sure you'll agree:

I must go and thaw out my feet - but you can go check out Tami's Amis for lots more pretty things ....


  1. Oh my days, that neckwarmer is AMAZING. It's like dragon-wear or something! Must copy.

  2. My EYES!!!! That red is truly bright. You got your money's worth out of the never ending ball of yarn. The mitts and neck warmer are so pretty. You have been ever so busy. I'm sorry you have horrid weather where you are, ours is actually ok for once.

  3. Just lovely all! I like that neckwarmer, may have to look into that myself.

  4. OH my gosh! You have so many finished projects to share! I'm envious of your productivity!

  5. Look at all these lovely things! I think the little Christmas tree buttons make the red cardi very festive :)

  6. Well, you've been a productive missus lately! I'm enjoying this mother/minidiva creative collaboration. On those first mitts (which are very nice) - the thumbs look really long, or is it just the photo?

    Will look forward to the final two next week. :)

  7. Holy geez, 7 finished objects?? Have you been sleeping?

  8. Wow, that neck warmer is something special! And I love the Christmas Tree buttons :)


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