Friday 14 December 2012

FO Friday 117: Four Calling Birds

Fairytale Tarot (Hunt)

No, not a post about birds (which I'm not overkeen on) and not yet the 4th day of Christmas, but 4 more completed gifts ready to go forth and engage in deadly dalliance with the dangers of hot machine washes and dastardly tumble dryers.

Yes, I like alliteration - why do you ask ?

Down to business, as I still have at least 2 hats to make by the end of the weekend so can't waste my time here chinwagging with you all ...

Here are Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts in James C.Brett Aria, pale powder blue with sparkly sequins; the hint of mohair is just enough to give a nice halo effect without any of the itchiness that can come with mohair:

I had to put this pose in, as Mini Diva liked it:

And here is the first Penselwood Hat, from the lovely Jennifer Arnall-Culliford, also made from the James C.Brett Aria:

The pattern was so good I made it again straightaway:

This time I used Stylecraft Vision DK in the 'Lagoon' colorway; it has long color changes that give a nice fat stripey effect. The colors are much brighter than in my photos ....

These mitts are the Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts. And they were, too. The ribbed twisted stitches give them enough stretch to fit an adult hand, firmly and snugly, but if I made them another time I would most likely make them just a smidge bigger by casting on extra stitches at the beginning.

I am finding it impossible to ignore the siren call of those 2 hats that I must make, so why don't you go over and check out more beautiful things at Tami's Amis ...


  1. I really wish that you would make a terrible mess of something so thatI can give a hollow laugh and write a comment other than 'you are too talented for your own good' or 'fabulous work. I am wearing my 'jealous face'.

    So, at the risk of repeating myself again - Fabulous work. I am wearing my *jealous face* You are too talented for your own good.


    Ali x

    1. I'm with Ali on this one! I wish I had the skills to make something that I could give away at Christmas without shame or embarassment! Ah well, at least I'm quite good at shopping ;)

  2. Love love love the reading mitts. I might have to make some for myself! The other hats and mitts are gorgeous too... Beautiful work :-) .

  3. Beautiful all. Love that hat pattern. And the sequins are so lovely in that yarn.

  4. Love your reading mitts, been on my to-do-list for the longest time!!!!

  5. I love those reading mitts. They are so pretty, that yarn is a perfect choice.

  6. Both these sets are beautiful!

  7. I also love the sequins in that yarn - just sparkly enough!

  8. My goodness you are busy busy! Okay, I love the sparklies ... perfect touch!

  9. I don't habe the time to go and check either. Some little projects for Christmas are waiting to be finished ... Have a nice weekend. ;-) Regula


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