Monday 31 December 2012

Old Year's Night Randomness

Animalis Arcanum Tarot

I have used this beautiful card from the Animalis Arcanum tarot deck created by m'amie française Oephebia to illustrate this post written on Old Year's Night.

Time seems to have whizzed by again, without me even noticing: I have been dealing with what (for me) has been a  major personal issue for most of the year, which has affected nearly everything in my life, and there seems to have been only a little improvement - but next year I am hoping that it will simply lift and go away; I find that warm sunny weather always helps too, which is hard to remember in the very depths of winter dark and cold. I have not gardened or made any soap at all during 2012, which just tells you how bad it's been.

But I am grateful for my family, and of course the Good and Eviller Twins who mark out my path and thus without whom I would be lost, no doubt in the Fire Swamp amongst the R.O.U.Ss.


  1. It's not one night's randomness with you, it's ALL de time. Tis why I luffs you :-D

    See you on the other side!!!

    Ali x

  2. I cannot believe you did not garden in 2012!!!! Here's definitely to more gardening for you in 2013, as well as more light and joy.


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