Friday 21 December 2012

FO Friday 117: Apocalyptic Hat

Victorian Romantic Tarot

The steamroller that is me has knitted that darned hat - no, not sewing darned, going-to-hell darned - into submission. I even stayed up late to finish it, wash, block and dry it enough to post off yesterday. Coincidentally (if you believe in such fictions as coincidence) this was also the last day to post with Royal Mail to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

I got DH to model it for me in spite of his protests that it would ruin his hair:


 I do like Stylecraft yarns: as usual, this was good value, an interesting color - heathery blue - and soft to work with. I hope the recipient likes it ...

I have my last deadlined knit on the needles now, another hat, but it will have to take a little rest while I sweep up some more dog hair from the stinky allergic dog - while I do that, why not check out all  the other lovely things at Tami's Amis ?


  1. Am on mac - cannot see pix of hat and mussed up hubby hair. I wouldn't mind seeing a piccy of hubby, akshully *curious face*

    Ali x

  2. Love the colors! And the pattern gives it interest.

  3. Really like the way the crown decreases look. Hopefully the recipient ducks his head a lot so that everyone around can see and appreciate your hard work :)

  4. Well done for getting there in time :)

  5. Lovely hat! I agree with you about the colour, interesting without being crazy :)


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