Monday 17 December 2012

Monday Moan

Tarot of Durer

Well, it must be Monday because here I am moaning again. Not whinging, as that would be a Wednesday, right ? And the Universe must have me tagged as a soft sap for lame ducks. Meanwhile, I have me tagged for being psychic: I foresee another trip to the vet in this holiday period.

Jewel the rescue cat is in a cone of shame to prevent her from licking, scratching and biting herself - she has an allergy to flea bites, and even though she is treated regularly with the one vet prescribed product that works for her, every now and then she breaks out into a self-mutilating frenzy.

In addition to that, suddenly over the weekend Sebastian has been scratching and licking himself to pieces: usually we see this in spring and summer as he is allergic to grass. But it is winter and there are no flowering grasses right now. He also is treated regularly with vet prescribed anti-flea product, and has no fleas: I have checked him over exhaustively.

He does have some rather large hot spots which I totally sympathize with him must be horribly itchy. 

So he and I have had a shower this morning in his very expensive anti-bacterial dog shampoo. I guess I won't have any bacteria either now. I sure smell medicinally sulphurous, even after a shower on my own to wash and rinse it away.

He now has one of DH's shirts on to prevent scratching and licking while I wait for his steroid prescription to be ready for collection from the vet:

He is still cute and gorgeous if a bit grumbly. Also cute and gorgeous is Mini Diva (who is very grumbly), and who has been sneezing like some really sneezy thing, and also shares the allergy sensitivities - again, not hayfever season and she has no bug bites. So there is definitely something going on.

The only thing that is new or different is that last week we had some building work done, and an internal plaster and lathe wall dating from the Victorian era when this house was built was removed and replaced: the dust was unbelievable, and went everywhere.

On top of this, Sebastian's insurance renewal has come through for next year, and it is now just about the same amount as the Wilhelmina the 2.4l Volvo V70 estate; and if we switch insurers, although it would be tons cheaper, anything connected to his pre-existing condition ie. allergy, will not be covered. Wilhelmina has developed an electrical fault which drains the battery as soon as you look at it, so she will be visiting the garage very shortly.


The thing is, the dog is mine and the car is DH's. And you can't cuddle a car.


  1. Sebastian looks HOT!
    My partner's dog has itchy-scratch problems where she nibbles and licks her poor skin til it's flaking all over - she now gets a drizzle of flax and other omega oils on her wet food and it really helps :)

    1. Thanks, LR - I will try that. Already removed all grain from his diet soon after we got him ...

  2. I cannot see the images on this mac! But I haz seen the gorgeous Sebastian before and totally concur, he looks HOT. As in handsome. Not as in itchy and irritated.

    Sounds like the plaster dust and horse-hair stuff is the most likely culprit, doesn't it? Here's hoping that's all it is.

    Poor Wilhelmina - she sounds like she's going to be spensive....and nothing to do with the plaster dust.

    Ali x

  3. Dogs and kitties with issues everywhere on the web today it seems! I do think Sebastian looks pretty handsome in the shirt, if as you say, somewhat grumpy (the downward face!). I've had the hot spot issues with my cat (there's still a little section of his stomach with almost no fur, it's definitely his hot spot) and eliminating a lot of grain and giving him a little more wet food really helped. I have been thinking of a little cod liver oil drizzle; flax seed oil also sounds like a good idea. I have to be careful though because he's got a very sensitive stomach. Too much rich stuff and I'll have unwanted deposits. :)

  4. I'm thinking Sebbie REALLY don't like the shirt, 'cuz he looks most completely unhappy. But handsome, definitely handsome. Hope the cat and dog don't figure out a way to scratch and bite for each other!


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