Wednesday 19 December 2012

WIP Wednesday 123: Grinchiness

Tarot of the Magical Forest

So I found what I thought would be a fairly simple hat pattern that would be quick and easy to knit yet would have enough 'wow' factor for the non-knitting recipient. I found a yarn I thought they would like, easy care Stylecraft Life DK in 'Blue Haze'.

I cast on (woohoo me and the long-tail cast on) and got knitting (woohoo me and Magic Loop). I knitted about 4 inches of double ribbing which felt like it took forever, and started the pattern proper. And within 4 rows had made such a mess of it I had to rip it all back and start again.

I have done 3 pattern repeats and am 6 rows away from starting the decreases. This attempt has taken me from Sunday til now to get that far because Real Life keeps intruding into my knitting time - and it kind of really needed to be in the post today. This hat never seems to want to end, and it has made me feel like this:

And it's my own darned fault and I brought it on myself. Luckily the Evil and Good Twins are happy with the concept of a New Year's present (even though they have been organized enough to make sure my gifts from them are already under my tree) which leaves me with only one more gift to knit: be sure it won't be this ill-fated one again.

There is far more seasonal cheer over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. I tried to avoid knitting presents, but ended up knitting two and then adding a third! Oh well, I still have time, right?

  2. Ah, yes. We do bring these things on ourselves... I think deep down we kinda love to hate it.


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