Friday, 5 April 2013

FO Friday 132: Glee

 So it snowed and was grey all day yesterday; but like magic the sun and blue sky are back today, and you'll be glad to hear that my mood has improved exponentially with it.

Probably this has also been helped by taking photos of the completed Mrs.Tumnus Shawl, made from 4ply yarn hand-dyed especially for me by my friend Mimi:

The pattern was challenging, as it starts with casting on like a squillion stitches (OK, I cast on 449, which is 32 extra, which is the same as a squillion, right ?) and I was worried the short rows would be hassle - but they were an absolute doddle. I used 4.5mm needles throughout; I had 400m of yarn, and I did have the tiniest bit left over ...  8g out of about 100g.

I haven't yet figured out how to photograph this so you can see it at its best .....

On the other hand, the 70s Flower Cushion ? Looks eye-wateringly bright whatever you do with the camera:

 But, all the squares are crocheted together and made the right size of big square in the end - yaay for the Gauge/Tension Fairy. The back is just a 70s Granny Square nightmare:

It's crocheted purposefully on the huh to lend it even more visual interest. Uh-huh. Yes, indeed that is the truth.

But the this the best photo, because I think it's the most arty posh one; and I am really pleased with it 11/10:

And I am quite fond of the almost matching heart buttons that I found:

But I am really glad that it's over, and am basking in the hot glow that righteousness, piety and completion of an ooky task bestows on one ....

While I bask, I shall enjoy all the other finished objects at Tami's Amis ....


  1. The shawl and the cushion are gorgeous! I love the colors of both:)


    That shawl is clever and the cushion is a crochet smile! Oh and yes your maths are right correct term is a squillion! ;-) x

  3. That lace is stunning. I love the colors you used for the pillowcase.

  4. I do not know why I can never see the images on your blog, Viv! I have to try to save them to new tabs or new windows. Today it's not letting me see the images even if I do that. So I shall just tootle over to facebook to see the images there. And tell you that the lace is gorgeous (because you iz a perfectionist and it's aaaaalllllways gorgeous).

    I have finished knitting a pocket - which means that a project I started about 3 years ago only needs sewing up. And two wrist-warmers, which also only need sewing up. I am in a mood to Finish Projects. I blame you. :-D

    Ali x

  5. Love the colours of the cushion. Bright and uplifting, the perfect contrast to the sky of these days. Your cushion makes me believe that there is spring somewhere.

  6. Beautiful shawl! Love the color of your yarn :)

  7. You are too funny! But I love the shawl and the pillow is indeed 70's kitsch!

  8. Beautiful shawl n I love the colours on the cushion too

  9. What a gloriously cheerful cushion! And that shawl is beautiful. I can't even fathom producing something that intricate by hand. I'm definitely craft-challenged - thank goodness there are sites like yours for me to drool over :)


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