Friday, 19 April 2013

FO Friday 134: Verde Que Te Quiero Verde

Tarot of Dreams

Oh yeah ! I am totally feeling as victorious as this warrior: I have defeated my deadline challenge: woo hoo ! Go me !

I promise you that this looks way better in RL than it does in the photo - the color is far more vibrant, and the cover is not quite so crookedy. I have obviously much more hard work to do in the photography department. Still, I would become boring were I to be too perfect  ....

This is the 'Easy All-in-One Crochet Cushion Cover', a free pattern/tutorial by Emily Rainsford-Ryan; I used a 3.50mm (E) hook because the yarn is on the thinner side of DK - one more item I have used James C.Brett's Moonlight Sonata DK in the colorway SM7 for - you gotta love a bit of sparkle in your yarn. It comes in a 500m ball, and I used most of it - my cushion cover fits a 16'' x 16'' square cushion pad.

And then it took me about a day to make this, which I am calling the Granny Smith Cushion, because it's round and green like a Granny Smith apple, and has the same stitch 'set' as a Granny Square: Oh, yes, you may bow down and worship at the altar of my imaginative wit, if you like. I shan't insist, though.

 I made it with a 4mm (G) hook, using odds and ends from my leftovers pile. The pattern is 'Granny Stripe Round Cushion' by Karen Janine; and I did eventually get to use those cute green heart buttons - you can just about see them in the last picture.

Of course, the mad dash to get everything completed by today has wiped me out, so I am sneaking a nap before taking Sebastian to the vet: this week it got warmer, the sun came out, everything got dry - and all the flowers in the world burst into bloom ... and so his pollen allergy has also busted out all over, and he is scritching like a crazy mad scritching thing losing fur by the pound  ....

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Title, taken with gratitude, from Federico Garcia Lorca's 'Romance Sonambulo'.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and the buttons:)

  2. I especially love the round cushion. There's something so modern yet homely about a nice round cushion.

  3. Hugs for littly Sebby - when he's not so tender. Your cushions are lovely.

  4. Go granny stitcher go! Those are fantastic. Very funny that last summer I made a white, round pillow cover and also used heart buttons for the closure. Go figure. :)

  5. Ounce love the colours of the round cushion

  6. Oh, love them both, but the Granny cushion is my fav!!! Love me some green.


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