Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Spree

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 Oh my, how time flies !

We made it to the end of term - just. And an odd weekend it was, too - with both snow falling at the coldest Easter for 50 years, the clocks changing to British Summer Time and DH home for all four days  ....

In addition, Belo had the kids on Saturday, for their requested sleepover, and took them to Auntie Fashion's on Sunday in order to OD on Easter chocolate, so we luxuriated in most unusual child-free silence and too many hours of sleep.

But that was after our little foray to Franklins in Colchester; and we had a little venture out to Twist in Woodbridge a couple of weeks ago for their sale: all totally justified as one trip was my Xmas present, and one was for my birthday. You'd think I'd be replete with yarn. But .... no. I am confident we can convert the Mushroom Incident into yarn too ....

My secret birthday present to myself, I bought 800m of this most amazing merino/tencel laceweight in the colorway 'Pumpkin Spice' from the lovely Kirsty at Wharfedale Woolworks; great yarns, great colors, great service. No, it wasn't the first time I've bought from her ....


  From our trip to Woodbridge, I managed to snaffle a NDS Dazzling 4ply (55% Blue-Faced Leicester wool, 45% silk) in the colorway 'Apple' from Karen's sale bin; unfortunately the photo on this sunny sunny day does not do it justice - it is a far more lively limey/yellow green.

And oops, look what else accidentally fell into my stash (color chosen by DH) - Schoeller&Stahl Shadow Fortissima Color:

And Franklins in Colchester had Sirdar Softspun DK on sale, so I bought approx 600m of these two colorways, having in mind some kind of end-of-term gift for the kids' teachers:

Faded Jade


This was not in the sale, but Mini Diva has requested a shawl in something softer than the Cygnet 4ply I used; so Wendy Happy is a blend of bamboo and acrylic, and was chosen by DH in a blind fondle test as the softest, beating two merino blends:

I am so sorry, I have no more time to sit and chat, there is serious fondling and gloating to be done  ....


  1. Lovely new yarn! Isn't it amazing how it just falls into stash:)

  2. That pumpkin spice is fantabulous!!!! Very nice stash enhancement. :)


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