Friday, 12 April 2013

FO Friday 133: Spring is Green

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I have been hiding out in a very productive way this week - I've started the next item in my Ravelry queue (although I did swap the shawl I originally chose for a different one that I preferred), still using a green yarn as I am on a green kick at the moment.

And yesterday I completed the Spring Green Cardigan. Washed it, and got out the pretty heart buttons I had found for it:

To find that they were way too large for the skinny delicate button band; so a quick run into town this morning resulted in buttons that are an appropriate size, and color. But just boring in style and shape:

The kids are out rollerskating, so I have no-one to either model or take a photo of me modelling it, so I'm afraid will we have to make do with flat photos:

And because I am really trying to become little more adventurous, here is a somewhat arty photo. And I have worked out that I need a big piece of white card as opposed to heavy white paper. In fact, I need two - and then that odd shadowing on the top left-hand corner should disappear .....

I loved this Patons Lace Cardigan pattern: it is so pretty, and the yarn choice in 'Evergreen' has worked brilliantly; it was nice and straightforward without being mindless. Picking up the million or so stitches necessary for the button-bands and neckline were worth not having to sew them on separately. All I have to do now is see if it fits ....

See more successes over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. Those are perfect buttons! Beautiful!

  2. Looks lovely flat and folded. Such a nice spring green. I like those buttons. To me they've got a faintly vintage and classic feel about them :)

  3. What a lovely cardigan, just right for spring. Beautiful work.

  4. Lovely cardigan. Very springy to be sure.

  5. That turned out really well! Spring has sprung. And artsy is fun; you can always use a hanger, too. :)

  6. That's beautiful, Viv. Talented. Too talented.


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