Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WIP Wednesday 140: More Amphibian Color

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I am turning my back firmly on all the bad news out there this week, and using a birthday deadline as a cattle prod to focus me on completing 2 items this week - one is actually done, and in the washing machine as we speak. The other one ? Well, I have today and tomorrow to start and finish it. We do loves us a challenge, don't we ?

Sleep is only a luxury, right ? I am a big girl and I can stay up all night and still deal with the kids without melting down. Right ?

Well, lessee how we do. Let's not dwell too much about how we have done ...

I had completed all eight pattern repeats and was admiring my handiwork, when my pride wenteth before a fall, and my haughty spirit. ie. the shawl, wenteth before destruction: progress on the Irish Glam Shells is back to square one. Well, OK, actually square two really, but you get the idea. I found a glaring error that I could neither ignore nor fudge, so I had to rip it all out and start again:

This is the Jawoll Magic Degrade in the colorway 85.0075, which is far more interestingly and creatively known as 'Parakeet'. No, I don't know why I am on such a green kick at the moment either, it's weird and perhaps a tad unsettling.

And I keep meaning to remind you that Knit and Crochet Blog Week is back for the 4th year, starting next Monday 22nd April, 2013 ! Woo hoo !

All the introductory posts and instructions are at Mimi's blog. And to enable facilitate make things easier for you because, really, I am a nice person, here are the direct links you will need:

To find out about the Knit & Crochet Blog Week concept.

The daily topics.

To choose a House

How the Tag system works:

 It's a great opportunity not only to get into blogging regularly (and frequently !) but also a great way to discover a whole bunch of new blogs you had yet to discover: I have made some great friends through the last 3 Knit & Crochet Blog Weeks, too. There is a Ravelry community which will be discussing it as it happens here, too, if you are interested.

I am hoping to take part myself, and so I simply must prop my eyelids open with matchsticks and go read those links myself, so I know what to do on Monday ....

Meanwhile, I'm checking out Tami's Amis to see what everyone else is up to this week ....


  1. Once again, this blog week is impossible timing for me :( Why not have it in January next time, when there's bog all else to do apart from knitting?

    1. Looovely yarn, that parakeet thing. I could REALLY have excelled myself what with completing TWO knitting projeks that have been lying around for ages. Now, all I have to do is knit another one and a half socks and I'm winning!

      Ali x

  2. THAT YARN! Cor! love it and the pattern! Rooting for you to complete in your timeframe! you go girl!

  3. Love green!!! Can't wait to see it done. I just might do this blog week thingy. I have next week clear for the most part, so nothing to interfere.

  4. wow this is a gorgeous green, really stunning. I'm taking part in blog week this year again - it was so much fun last year!! Have a knitty wednesday xx

  5. Oh, the variation in your yarn is beautiful! I'm a complete sucker for anything green.

  6. i'm also very fond of green at the moment! I love how your shawl is coming along. Have a great blog week. I don't have the time unfortunately.

  7. I seem to be on a green kick too - must be the change of seasons! Your yarn is very striking. Sorry about the ripping ... maybe that's the change of seasons too, because I'm doing a lot of that as well :)

  8. I have tagged you for a blog award. The deets are on my blog for Saturday. Play along if you want. See you on KCBW on Monday!


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