Wednesday 3 April 2013

WIP Wednesday 138: No Bounce

Fenestra Tarot

 Man, sometimes things just feel like you're walking through treacle. 

The extended winter does not help, I am layered up like an Eskimo and still feel cold. I am not loving the project I am working on, but I feel impelled to complete it. Which means that I waste far too much time surfing the interwebz because I don't want to get on with it. And then I feel bad about all that wasted time, because it's not like I've used up that time on something semi-productive like housework. So the house is still messy as well.


But, this is supposed to be a hobby and/or pastime. Therefore, the idea is that it is something I enjoy doing. If I do not enjoy it, I should be able to just dump it in a dark corner somewhere without any qualms.

However, because I am an adult and because my parents endowed me not just with stubbornness but also imbued me with a don't-quit mentality, I now find that I am bogged down in the cushion cover from hell:

I need 16 squares. I have 10 and a bit, so at least I am over the hump.

Then again, this is the closest thing I have to Spring right now in terms of both color and flowers. I am off over to Tami's Amis to surf the works of happy, cheerful people .....


  1. The squares are so beautiful and bright. They do make me think of spring and when you can't find it outside you have to make your own:)

  2. Let it be known that I do my part to keep you from wasting time on the interwebz. I'm either absent for long periods of time, extremely boring and bypassable, or thrifting, which you hate :)

    1. I like thrifting, I am just green at your mad skillz: you overachieve :-D

  3. Do you just not like knitting it, or do you actually hate the finished product? If it's the latter, frog it baby!

    1. Don't like crocheting it, don't like the yarn, don't like the colors. Don't like anything ATM LOL


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