Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WIP Wednesday 139: Let It Go, Louie

Gilded Tarot

I have not been out and about on the internet quite as much as usual since Mrs.Thatcher's death on Monday: I was very surprised to find the vitriol so strong after all this time, and comparisons to Hitler rampant. 


Somehow I have managed to remain blissfully ignorant of any genocidal Holocaust she directed and her European Blitzkriegs. But perhaps I am an unwitting Revisionist.

 People (many of whom weren't even born at the time) rejoicing in someone's death just depresses me and makes me despair, similar to the American celebrations of Bin Laden's death - there is a difference between justice and vengeance.

Allowing someone's actions from over 20 years ago to spark such rage and hatred just seems to me like giving that person a generous donation of even more influence and power over one; it is a poison that prevents forward movement, a psychological and emotional own goal that strips one of rationality and humanity. If one considers Thatcher to be a demon, then how is displaying demonic behavior yourself any improvement rather than a degradation of your own soul ?

Yes, I can understand why you think I may have smoked something a little ... unusual ... seeing as I do not talk politics, religion etc on this blog. I am just so dismayed that people - even knitters - take such enjoyment and pleasure out of another person's death. Paulo Coelho puts it in a far more literary way.

And just to reassure you I have not lost my sense of humor really:


And with a massive heave, we return to our scheduled programming, hopefully not having caused any burning offence to anyone, as that was not my intention.

So. I'm going to hide out for a while and do some actual Stuff, in Real Life. For instance, getting on with my Spring Green Cardigan, which is nearing completion:

However, I think first I shall make time to distract myself with the creative loveliness available to see at Tami's Amis ....


  1. Your cardigan is lovely! It truly makes me think of spring:)
    I remember Mrs. Thatcher as a very strong woman who was very intelligent. It's a shame others seem to forget that.

  2. I agree. I think it is rather telling to see so-called "caring" people show their true hate-filled souls.

  3. I do agree with your assessment of others' reaction to her death. I might be on a different end of the political spectrum than Thatcher, but nevertheless recognize her talents and accomplishments (and she did do a good thing or two for England).

    Nevertheless, onward spring green cardi! Love the color.

  4. I also remember a strong woman and find celebration of her death offensive....however I can understand those who feel nothing at her loss due to some of her actions as PM.

    But back to knitting and I love the colour of your yarn it is so fresh.

  5. I agree, it really struck me as odd that the age of some of the revelers was so young. How can they really have anger at someone who was out of power by the time they arrived on earth. It is only through the emotional carrying of tales from their elders that they gained this opinion. How sad that instead of pulling themselves up by the boot straps and putting on their big "girl/boy" panties to change their circumstance, they chose to keep their anger alive. I do not care for anything Obama has done to my country, but I do not see myself having a burning hatred to cause me to rejoice upon his demise. It's sad that it has to be this way.

  6. I was typing quite a lengthy reply and the internet ate it, right in front of my eyes and I got too upset typing it to go through it all again. My family were part of the steelworking side of things. The miners strike was terrible to experience from a Scottish steelworking point of view.

    As our first (only?!) female PM, she had no real role model to follow, so she just blazed her own trail. She showed a determination that we take for granted when dealing with male PMs, but somehow seemed to be regarded as inappropriate BECAUSE she was a woman! Which means that she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't :)

    My own protest will simply be to ignore whatever the media covers about her funeral. If I was at the cortege procession, I would make a point of turning my back on it. A small protest. But done for my dad and all the stress that her government's actions had on his health and my family.


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